Love Is Blind: The Biggest Bombshells from the Season 5 Reunion

 From who’s still together to what really happened after cameras stopped rolling, here’s what unfolded when the season 5 ‘Love Is Blind’ cast came together for Sunday’s reunion

Lydia and Milton are still married — and she’s now very close with his family

Despite facing several hurdles on their journey to the altar, Milton and Lydia said “I do” to each other on their wedding day. At the reunion, the couple confirmed they are still happily married almost a year and a half later.

“I think in the past, before I met Lydia… I would typically stay at work too late. Now, 5:30 hits and I’m like, ‘Hey, I gotta get home to my wife,'” Milton told Nick and Vanessa. “A few years ago, I could’ve never imagined feeling this way, being this way. It’s beautiful.”

And despite Milton’s family being skeptical of their romance, the duo also confirmed that Lydia has since won his family over.

“They’re all Team Lydia now,” Milton said. “Lydia’s made my parents so soft, so different from what we grew up with.”

Joking that she’ll call Milton’s mom when he’s aggravating her and they’ll often go to dinner or chat on the phone, Lydia added, “I love them dearly. They are the best.”

Izzy and Stacy didn’t speak for a year after their wedding

Though they appeared to be on good terms after Stacy said no at the altar, Izzy eventually processed his feelings and went off on his ex-fiancée to cameras. At the reunion, the pair confirmed they tried to mend things a week after the wedding but ended up not speaking for a full year.

“It was a really hard week for me. Because when someone is my person, and I’m going through such a hard time… after three or four days, I miss you, I need you, where are you?” Izzy shared. “I didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t know if you were my fiancée, if you were my girlfriend… not knowing was really tough.”

“We went out on a date and talked at her place. Something in my gut knew something was off,” he continued. “I just asked, ‘Are you even feeling this?’ And she just said she didn’t and she couldn’t right now. I, in that moment, was shocked… I was so mad at her after that because I thought we were really gonna try.”

“I felt like we needed to start over and I feel like you were just like, ‘If we’re starting over and going backwards, I don’t want to do it,'” Stacy added.

After confirming they didn’t speak for a year, the duo confirmed they did eventually reconnect but are not together today.

Chris and Johnie are no longer together — after he cheated on her

Though the pair revealed they were dating during the cast BBQ, and arrived at the reunion together, Chris and Johnie confirmed they were no longer together after he started dating another woman without ending things first.

“That weekend was my birthday weekend and Chris had a wedding out of state, so he left the state and I didn’t see h
im. And then the next week I didn’t see him, and then I found out the following weekend that Chris was seeing someone else,” Johnie explained. “And yeah, I never saw him again.”

When Nick asked Chris to clarify that he started seeing someone else without breaking things off with Johnie, she nodded as Chris confirmed, “That is how it went down.” Johnie also shared that she found out about Chris’s infidelity from her friend who saw him with the other woman.

“I didn’t handle the situation as someone would properly but I did find someone who I now live with, and I love, and we’re very happy together. And I’m sorry if that hurts to hear,” Chris admitted. “I know I was wrong. I felt guilty and heartbroken and as many emotions as I could because I did fall in love with [her] … one of my biggest regrets is not being forthcoming with you.”

“I apologized before and I continuously apologize,” he added, later acknowledging, “One of my biggest faults that I continuously try to work through is telling people news they don’t want to hear.”

Though she was devastated by the breakup, Johnie said she has since moved on and has been dating someone else for a year.

Johnie and Izzy briefly gave things a shot after their pod breakup

After Johnie hashed things out with Izzy and Stacy at the reunion for their behavior at the cast BBQ, Nick asked if Johnie and Izzy — who had a strong connection in the pods — ever tried to reignite their spark.

As it turned out, the two did reconnect — and made out in Izzy’s Jeep — during an outing at a bar with the cast, about a week after Izzy split from Stacy for good.

“After me and Stacy didn’t work out, we ended up being at the same bar, a bunch of the cast was out… we sat there and talked for an hour, and tried to see if anything was there,” Izzy said. “But I obviously was in no position to be dating,
wasn’t over Stacy and it was too soon for [Johnie] for how I treated her at the end. We were not each other’s person, so we stayed friends after that, we’re cordial.”

Johnie added: “We tried to hang out and it was pretty clear it was the same pattern from him.”

Despite kissing in his car, the two confirmed they never had sex. It was also revealed that Chris was there the night they hooked up, but had already moved on with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Stacy found out about their kiss through her friends.

“I was surprised because of what he had told me about her and it didn’t seem like he spoke really highly of her,” she said.

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